Waterproofing Risk Assessments

Our comprehensive waterproofing risk assessments will take the following information into account, and we will also ask to see copies of your architect’s and structural engineer’s drawings.

  • Water table
  • Local topography
  • Soil type
  • Risk of flooding
  • Contaminants
  • Adjacent trees
  • Construction type
  • Number of levels
  • Intended use of below ground structure
  • Installed system
  • Planned system maintenance
  • Consequences of failure

Your assessment will be written by one of our CSSW qualified staff and will fulfill all the requirements of BS 8102 (2009) sections 4 & 5.


How to apply for your waterproofing risk assessment:

Initially we would ask you to complete and return the application form below, together with relevant drawings, but we may also need to visit the site and monitor/inspect the waterproofing system before completing the risk assessment.

Please call us on 01322 318846 before completing the form if you need any further help or information. The downloadable application form below can be filled in on screen and saved before returning to us with the other required documentation and drawings.
Download risk assessment application form (PDF)